14 minutes | Dec 9th 2018

Declutter Everything

READ this post (10min): What is clutter? Clutter is anything that you no longer need, no longer use, or which no longer serves you. Examples include, useless computer files, worn-out jeans, or an unfulfilling relationship. Decluttering therefore, is simply the process of removing these things from your life, and/or reorganising these things in a way which minimizes clutter. Why declutter? Most of us are drowning in clutter – an overwhelming sense of ‘too much’ in virtually every aspect of our lives.  Take physical clutter for example – the average home has over 300,000 items of clutter. This is a problem because the more clutter we have, the harder it becomes for us to remain ‘present.’ Think about it – so much of the clutter we have is associated with memories, which distract us from being present now. Other clutter can just affect our concentration/create mind fog which also affects our presence. Being less present can weigh you down and make you feel chronically tired and drained of energy, often leaving you feeling frazzled on a daily basis. It can distract you and affect your concentration, meaning it takes you much longer to do things, whilst at the same time making it easier to feel overwhelmed. It can even compound feelings of anger, sadness and depression, and can make it more difficult to maintain positive emotions. Clutter has a very real and negative affect on both your physical and mental health, including your overall enjoyment of life. On an energetic level, clutter blocks the flow of abundance, getting in the way of the success we are reaching for. When we have clutter and unwanted stuff in our lives, there isn’t space for the abundance we are seeking – be it more time with our family and friends, more money, or so forth. This makes it challenging to feel grateful and truly appreciate the things we have. So, if you’re serious about living more in the present including manifesting and welcoming abundance, health and happiness into your life, then there are some essential things that you need to declutter. To begin decluttering the very things you need to, then join my 3 keys holistic health and fitness program at www.h360.online
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