23 minutes | Sep 13th 2019

SE4 EP37: eCommerce Email Marketing Automation - Biggest Mistakes

The core of email marketing is customer lifecycle marketing. This means nurturing your contacts from the awareness stage through to desire, action and loyalty/advocacy stages.

With email marketing, you are able to actually manage a life-long relationship and communicate with your customers.

On this episode, Kunle goes through the top 5 mistakes ecommerce brands make when it comes to marketing automation. 

Here is a summary:

  1. Your 'Sender reputation' is your north star, ensure that it is protected by all means,
  2. RFM - recency, frequency, monetary value, lies at the heart of your customer lifecycle marketing activity.
  3. Use RFM for segementing your email list and for your core marketing automation strategy
  4. Ecommerce brands do not segment their list well enough
  5. VIP customers are not communicated on a 1:1 basis effectively
  6. Sending emails to your entire list is a sure-fire way to crash your sender reputation and increase your SPAM count
  7. If email marketing is not accounting for at least 20 percent of revenue, you are not doing enough
  8. You only really should be sending emails to 3 groups of people: VIP customers, Highly engaged (but not purchased) and purchasers that have churned. 
  9. Klaviyo is highly recommended as a marketing automation platform for ecommerce




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