41 minutes | Nov 13th 2020

157: Former #1 Online Poker Champion Who Manifested $7 Million in 75 Day.

Online poker champion Mark Herm and I sat down to discuss his career, and how it can help you become part of the 1%.Enjoy!Here's what you'll hear in today's episode:-Preparing for the "mental warfare" of online poker...02:15-What it takes to be successful in online poker...06:23-A mathematical process...11:13-Why you need to exude confidence in every interaction...13:12-Committing to do the work (being attracted to pain)...18:00-Feeding off the fear of the opponent...19:03-Life as a "backer" of other players...25:42-The highs are great, but what about the lows?...30:10-How to not get addicted to gambling while making your living gambling...32:55-Meditation and visualization before playing...34:14Are you ready to become part of the 1%? Join me in the next Get Primed Challenge. It's free, and it's starting soon!getprimedchallenge.com
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