31 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

155: The Power of Self Awareness in Relationships, Sales and Life

WHY:This episode is for you...You’re ready to ascend to a higher level of connection in your relationships and get better in sales.You are willing to get uncomfortable in order to break through.You’re willing to see yourself as others see you in order to strengthen every area of your life.You know you could be leading more of your potential buyers to move forward with you but you may not know how to do that.WHAT: We can never and will never experience a massive breakthrough in any area of our life if we do not first hold an awareness of who we are being. METAPHOR - admit that i don’t take criticism from my partner well. I immediately attack back out of defense.Self reflectionBeing at the effect of others vs choosing to be at cause.Where am i being at the effect of someone else’s behavior, HOW: Be open to criticism without being quick to defend.Is this true?Choose to self reflect vs place blame on every situation of discomfort you encounter.What was my role?Who was I being?What role did I play in this happening?Be willing to admit you don’t know everything and that there may be a different way.Change your lens from criticism to feedback. And choose to take it as an opportunity to grow and get better in every area.Register for the next Get Primed Challenge today! getprimedchallenge.com
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