21 minutes | Nov 2nd 2020

153: How to Close Out 2020 Strong + You Get What You Focus On 100% of the Time

WHY:This episode is for you...You’ve been beat up by 2020 and are ready for it to be over!You want to WHAT:  Fore-warning sensitive subject matter discussed...Montana deer / movingHow does it serve you to believe that this year is a wash or that you simply cannot accomplish what you want?What is it costing you to hold onto that belief?What if you could create magic from now until the end of the year…? Would you like to know how?Avoid the pitfalls of perceived BOULDERS.COMMIT to your outcome.Get congruent on your No matter what goal thats non-negotiable.Do whatever it takes...HOW: Not too late to join...Join getprimedchallenge.com
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