23 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

151: Stop Hiding -- How to Step Out of Your Fear and Into Faith, So You Can Create the 1% Life You Desire

WHY:This episode is for you...There’s something you know you need to do but haven’t been doing. You’ve been hiding.You tend to stay in the background…You don’t like being in the limelightAnd yet, you have goals, you have dreams you have a vision for the life you desire and you know...not doing these things is hurting you...WHAT: Story of “L”Story of me joining masterminds…What do you get by hiding?What’s it cost you to hide…?What is it going to continue to cost you if you choose to stay hiding?There’s an underlying belief that’s causing you to not do the thing, to not post the videos, not do the fb lives, not share your message with the world, not get on calls, not pitch your BIG offer. To shrink…SELF LOVE!HOW: Not too late to join...Join getprimedchallenge.com
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