25 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

148: The #1 Essential, Missing Component to Selling During Times of Crisis...Small Tweaks to Your Sales That Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Bottom Line Part 4

WHY:This episode is for you…If you’re having a hard time connecting with people and getting through to them right now. If you’re getting a lot of reasons and excuses from potential buyers who just don’t seem to feel the pain, to get it that they have a problem and you have the solution for that. If you’re talking to a lot of emotionally disconnected people WHAT:Go back and listen to Part 1-3We have to begin to understand the psychology of people we’re communicating with let alone attempting to sell.Enter into the conversation where someone is right now. What is the most prevalent conversation going on in people’s minds right now, okay aside from the election. People have gone crazy, they’ve been cooped up...The problem - pushing your product on them. What? People haven’t really been sold to in a long time. They haven’t been going to stores, most of them not even restaurants, they’re getting a ton of People want to connect to humans; they want human connection, not to be sold. HOW: Be human, ask people how they’ve been handling all this.What’s it been like for you? Join getprimedchallenge.com
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