23 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

147: Small Tweaks to Your Sales That Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Bottom Line Part 3

WHY:This episode is for you... ● If you want to sell bigger deals and you don’t know how ● If you want to increase your income or your revenue ● Make up for lost time.WHAT: ● Recap - In episode 145, which is part 2 of the series we talked about... ○ Go for the “add on” or as I say, Bump It. ○ Once you have the “yes” it’s easy to bump it or to add on products or services. ○ The concept of bundling products or services ○ Knowing your numbers● Go back and listen to episode 145 after this episodeJustify Price - The simplest way to increase your average selling price is to avoid price discounting. This approach also allows money to directly fall to your company’s bottom line. The key to defending your price is to demonstrate for buyers that the value delivered exceeds your asking price. It’s only human nature that buyers want to avoid getting ripped off. ● How quick are you to dropping the price? Are you justifying the value they get at the price they’re spending?● Create weekly or monthly sales challenges. Focusing your sales team on a particular area for a week or a month can also generate add-on business. ○ Who can create the biggest sale ○ Highest closing percentage ○ First one to X goal wins a prize ● Train your sales team or staff to sell bigger deals.○ What’s the one belief they currently hold that keeping them from selling bigger deals ● Internal Challenges - I have a “run to”● My no matter what goal and my Stretch goal and then I do a “run to” goal to gain momentum.Follow Joanie on Instagram: @joaniedhillonJoin the Get Primed Challenge today!
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