27 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

145. Small Tweaks to Your Sales That Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Bottom Line Part 2

WHY: If you want to sell bigger deals and you don’t know howIf you want to increase your income or your revenueMake up for lost time.This episode is for you...WHAT: Go for the “add on” or as I say, Bump It.Once you have the “yes” it’s easy to bump it or to add on products or services. What can you add on or “bump” entirely? Think about products/services you can bundle or add on as additional value.Know Your Numbers - What’s Your Average Sales Price i.e. $100,000K in a month and you have 5 sales, that means your average sales price is $20K if you have 100 customers, it’s $1000K, 1000 customers, it’s $100HOWThink of what specific products or services or combination thereof can you bundle for a next level experience?You cannot get what you don’t ask for.If this show is adding value to your life, would you consider leaving a rating and review on the platform you're listening to it on? It really helps boost the visibility of the show!Follow on social media:Instagram: @JoanieDhillonTo watch the 1% Life streamed live on Facebook, click here
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