24 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

142: Why Choosing Personal Growth & Development Is So Hard

Why is it that so few people actually take their personal growth and self-development seriously and commit to a lifetime of work? What is it that is so scary that stops people from ever going there? It's time to lean into what it means to do real work and breakthrough your ssshtuff.   Join us for The Create Your 1% Life 10 Day Challenge Yet? Join us at:  https://www.the1percentlife.com/start   You will learn how to manifest the 1% life of your dreams and be amongst an incredible community of top-achieving professionals from all industries.   If you got value from today's episode, please help us grow by leaving a 5 star rating, a positive review and share this episode out.    Connect with Joanie on  Instagram: @JoanieDhillon   To watch the 1% Life streamed live on Facebook M-F click here:   https://www.facebook.com/JoanieKDhillon/
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