43 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

#30 Joel Miller - Memoir of a Roadie

Joel Miller is a roadie that for a number of years toured with group sensations Guns N Roses, Poison, Stone Temple Pilots and The Cranberries. Following the release of his Amazon No.1 book Memoir of a Roadie we chat to Joel to find out what life as a roadie was really like.    In this episode we discuss:    Who is Joel Miller? .  How he become a roadie .  What being a roadie is .  The truth about what life as a roadie is actually like .  Roadies on movies Vs reality .  Wildest moments on tour .  Stories from touring with Guns N Roses, Poison and The Cranberries .  Best after show party story .  Why he left this way of life .  His book Memoir of a Roadie which has reached number 1 on Amazon for autobiographies and what made him write it How his book has been received by the bands ​ Episode Links .  ​ This podcast is powered by BLUblox advanced light filtering eyewear. Receive 15% off all products with code TSY15 at checkout at www.blublox.com  .  ​ This episode is sponsored by Face It. Receive 10% off all products at www.faceitaus.com.au with code TSY10 .    Find out more at www.tsypodcast.com .    Join the TSY social community on Instagram and Facebook @tsypodcast .  ​​ Connect with Your Hosts .    Instagram: @katiemant_ and @iamandymant .  ​ Don't forget to subscribe to be the first to know about new episode releases, special offers, giveaways and more.
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