44 minutes | Jun 23, 2020

#13 Kyla Kirkpatrick - How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Day Job

Sick of your day job? Dream of a time when you can do your passion full time? This episode is for you .    In this episode we welcome The Champagne Dame herself Kyla Kirkpatrick .    Kyla is an entrepreneur, presenter, TV Personality and founder of The Champagne Dame and Emperor Champagne and newly appointed cast member of the hugely popular reality TV series The Real Housewives of Melbourne .    Kyla made a decision in her earlier years to live a life of passion, following her heart and creating an incredible personal story and in this episode we uncover:    Life before The champagne Dame .  Discovering a fascination with Champagne and the incredible journey that unfolded .  Turning her passion into a business & advice for anyone wanting to do the same .  The best part of pursuing your passion .  The unique skills that have helped her to become successful .  The 2 ways you can quit your day job .  Behind the scenes of her glamorous life .  How to juggle a business, travel AND a family .  The one piece of advice she would give her daughter growing up .    And so so many more business and life tips throughout .  We loved this episode and we know you will too .    This podcast is powered by BLUblox advanced light filtering eyewear. Receive 15% off all products with code TSY15 at checkout at www.blublox.com .    Episode Links .    Find out more at www.tsypodcast.com .    Join the TSY social community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @tsypodcast .  ​ Connect with your hosts .    Instagram: @katiemant_ and @iamandymant .      Connect with episode guest .  ​ Instagram @thechampagnedame .  ​ www.emperorchampagne.com.au .    Don't forget to subscribe to be the first to know about new episode releases, special offers, giveaways and more .   
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