45 minutes | Dec 4, 2019

[128] Debra Silverman Reads my Astrological Birth Chart + The Missing Element

Thank you to today's sponsor, Imperfect Foods. Use the code HEALTHYMAVEN at checkout to receive 50% off your first box Weekly THM newsletter: http://bit.ly/2lA3aPl After 128 episodes it's probably no surprise to any of you how much I love astrology. We've chatting about astrology many times here on the show but never have we delved into the birth chart and looked at it from an applied perspective. That's why I'm thrilled to welcome Debra Silverman, a psychotherapist, astrology and writer to the show today. She takes a clinical approach to astrology where it's not just predictive horoscopes but how to get to know your inner self better and live life to your highest potential. She helps you get to know you as it is written in the stars. But we also discuss the importance of fate vs. free will and how to find what your true calling and purpose is in life.   Today's episode is a bit different. Rather than just explaining how a birth chart works, Debra is breaking it down for all of you by jumping into my birth chart and sharing some of my inner workings. I hope you enjoy!   On today's episode we also discuss: Debra's background and how she combines psychotherapy with astrology Her approach to astrology and how its different from others What is a birth chart + how are you born with one? Your sun, moon and rising signs The 4 elements and what they tell you about yourself The missing element and what it can teach you Saturn returns and what you need to know about it South and north nodes and how you can use them to live life to the fullest ...and so much more! Follow Debra on Instagram | Learn more about Debra Silverman HERE Join The Healthy Maven Tribe to ask guest questions and to find out who will be on the show before anyone else! http://facebook.com/groups/THMTribe Please don't forget to rate + review in iTunes if you love the podcast. Your comments and subscriptions help us make the podcast best for you!
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