52 minutes | Oct 9, 2019

[121] Facing Your Fears and Turning Obstacles into Growth with Koya Webb

Thank you to today's sponsor, Imperfect Produce. Use the code HEALTHYMAVEN at checkout to receive 50% off your first box. And Imperfect Produce is officially launching in NYC! Weekly THM newsletter: http://bit.ly/2lA3aPl If I had a nickel for every fearful thought I experienced in a day I would RICH. In fact I'd probably be a billionaire. Fear...it's what our mind feeds on - or so we think. Though far more difficult, our minds can feed off love, but this means facing our fear and moving forward anyway. Today on the show I'm chatting with Koya Webb, a holistic health coach and yoga instructor all about facing your fears and how to turn obstacles into seeds of growth. Koya is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model revolutionizing the holistic living landscape. She is known as a “transformational specialist” when it comes to helping people reach their goals—by encouraging sustainable positive lifestyle changes. She believes the most important element in health is Self-Love; from this belief came the creation of Get Loved Up. Get Loved Up encourages clients to practice daily self-care and make healthy living a priority in a fun and accessible way. Get Loved Up aims to lower the number of people with chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. On today's episode we chat about: Koya's journey and what led her to teach yoga Radical self love and starting "Get Loved Up" Increasing diversity in the yoga space and starting her own teacher program Identifying fear and when the stories you tell yourself aren't true How to find the courage to tackle your fears even when they paralyze you What teaching yoga has taught her about life ...and so much more! Follow Koya Webb on Instagram | Learn more about Koya Webb HERE Join The Healthy Maven Tribe to ask guest questions and to find out who will be on the show before anyone else! http://facebook.com/groups/THMTribe Please don't forget to rate + review in iTunes if you love the podcast. Your comments and subscriptions help us make the podcast best for you!
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