118 minutes | May 4, 2018

Episode 33: Cincinatti Sporks

Troy gets mad at bees and some weather updates (0:00). Necklace shenanigans, Pedro at the Bruins game, and Kolten Wong's inabilty to give someone a gatorade bath (6:45) take us into an alt-right dude in Seattle being a whiffer (21:30), James Harden eating ice cream (24:36), the large disparity in MLB teams (26:17) and a tangent into horse/dog racing (29:46). We follow that up with the usual Orioles and Cubs updates (34:20). Some recaps of the NFL draft, including Shaqueem Griffin, laughing at the Bills, and Dolphins picks (51:00). The fundamental misogyny involved with NFL cheerleaders, including the recent settlement with the Racial Slurs, and a brief history of how problematic the whole thing is (1:09:48). Ryan Shazier was at the draft? That was weird (1:24:51). Patrick Beverley's mom, people mostly to fight Ben Simmons, when we'll get sick of Donovan Mitchell, and more NBA stuff (1:26:41) before this week's Power Rankings (1:50:36)! Power Rankings: Ready to Fight, NBA Playoff Edition!
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