32 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

S3 EP 199: Real Estate Financial Engineering - Next Level Analysis with Nikolai Ray

“I realized in my late 20’s that I’d only gone into the human performance and preventative medicine career as a way to transition out of hockey...So, I just said to myself, 'What’s something I really want to do with my life? What am I really passionate about...that won’t allow me to hit a ceiling?' and it all came down to real estate, essentially. And I went all in.”

There’s no “correct” way to dive into the real estate investing world. Most professionals find their way into real estate investing later in their career path, and use their past experiences as a base while learning the real estate industry. Former professional hockey player Nikolai Ray is no different. As someone who was interested in mathematics and earned his degree in Biomechanics, he was later able to intertwine advanced mathematics and finance to elevate his financial models and titled it “Financial Engineering.” In this episode, he will elaborate on what financial engineering consists of, how it is applied, and how Nikolai Ray was able to scale his company in such a short period of time.

Key Takeaway:

Real estate can be for anyone willing to put the time in to learn about the industry. By using helpful tools and surrounding yourself with knowledgeable individuals, scaling your assets will become much easier.

How to Contact Nikolai Ray:

Website: www.Mrex.co

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