58 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

S2 038: Michael Mosley — You Deserve to Be At the Table

Today’s guest is living proof that alliterated names are a mark of success. Michael Mosley has done it all. His career is one to marvel, working nonstop in film and television in comedies such as Scrubs and dramas like Netflix’s Ozark and FX’s Next. Mike takes us through his beginnings as an acting student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts into a prolific and admirable career. He’s candid about his early auditioning struggles and how he eventually overcame his insecurities and lack of confidence. From working with Margot Robbie in Pan Am to Jason Bateman in Ozark, he tells all and proves that building relationships and being a good person begets work. He shares his advice for longevity in this business but admits that acting is like gambling, and he’s always trying to stay at the table. Ultimately, Mike believes attitude is everything- you’ve gotta say F-it and have a little punk rock in you.

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