69 minutes | Dec 8th 2020

S2 035: Jenn Lyon — F*%k that Noise!

Jenn Lyon not only talks about her courageous choices professionally (like being a reader for a Broadway show and then boldly asking to audition for the lead), but also about her personal struggle with anorexia and bulimia, and how living a life of service helps her keep it all in perspective.

From her guest star on Justified that turned into a multiple season arc, to her show-stopping turn as Finna in CLAWS, Jenn is a stunning example of an artist in her power. And today she shares with us exactly how she got that way.

Jenn has had quite a journey in life and is no doubt using that road traveled to help inspire others. For years she struggled with an eating disorder that came close to ending her life, and thanks to the Renfrew Center in NYC was able to get the treatment she needed. Jenn is showing other women that it’s okay to take up space (we’re not all a size 2), and it’s okay to have a voice and to use it. It’s all about being healthy.

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