63 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

S2 034: Jack Huston — Falling Back in Love with the Craft

Today’s guest comes from a long line of award-winning actors in Hollywood with family members that include household names such as Anjelica and Danny Huston. Even so, actor Jack Huston has worked tirelessly over the years to forge his own unique career path and to find his own success. Jack grew up in London, England and came from a theater educational background. Upon moving to America, Jack realized that he still had a lot to learn about the difference in skill sets between theater and film acting. While many believe that those who are born into the entertainment industry have a leg up on all the rest of us, Jack speaks honestly and vulnerably about the 7 years he spent in Los Angeles broke and out of work.

After 7 years of struggle, Jack had to bravely admit to himself that he was no longer feeling the love for the profession that he once had, and made the decision to leave acting for the time being to travel, live abroad, and reassess what was truly important to him. Today, Jack discusses how fighting for an audition for a character he was not selected to read for, was what turned things around for him and pushed him to continue in his craft.

From his work on Fargo, to Boardwalk Empire, The Irishman, Antebellum, Ben-Hur, Manhunt, and many more, today’s discussion includes a rare level of honesty as Jack shares valuable insight on everything from technique, to the business, as well as something that’s often less talked about.. the value of taking a break when you feel yourself falling out of love with the industry.

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