25 minutes | Mar 1, 2020

Episode 5: The Secret Weapon

Episode 5 of a new supernatural comedy.This episode: Chores! Evil mold! A hotel guest who has a dark secret! And, gummy worms!The place:Hollow Grove Hotel, a lovely establishment that's been the site of only a few (dozen) murders over the years. Also, it stands over a portal to hell, so it might have a minor demon infestation. But, no bedbugs!The characters:Frank. Frank is bright,earnest, perpetually stressed-the-hell-out, and does NOT believe in demons. Will his personal drive lead to heroism or paralysis?Eugenia. Eugenia's parents died, but not before giving her the info she needs to plug the only known portal to Hell: Frank's hotel. But can she really win the battle armed withfoggy notions of spells?Plinth. A naive demon who does not seem to be be aware that demons are supposed to be evil, Plinth wants to be friends with everybody. Will her attempts to befriend Frank and Eugenia only make everything worse?Uzbegyll. Uzbegyll is a rogue demon who will try anything to get through the hotel's hell portal. Her quest for power led to her being trapped in a toilet pipe for 11 years. Will Uzbegyll's go-get-em attitude and horrible, evil, rude, not-nice personality result in the apocalypse?  Support the show (http://thepulpstage.weebly.com/)Support the show (http://thepulpstage.weebly.com/)Support the show (http://thepulpstage.weebly.com/)
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