78 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Three Day Old Future Comedy and Pie Ala Commode

The guys discuss standup comedy coming up that already happened, how not smiling and spitting makes for a great wedding, and Damon is now forbidden from "air quotes".Footwedge Custom Pens - Super cool pens!Get some music recorded at Helie's House Recording Studio!Check out this secluded getaway!Lola by Gina makes us look good for the microphone! IG FBTen Drops Coffee in Plainfield, IL - Majorly awesome coffee!The Kzoo Whisker CrewBlaze CandlesCheck out our website!thatchecksout.netFollow us on social media!snapchat: TCODamonTedtwitter.com/OutWdtinstagram.com/thatchecksoutwdtfacebook.com/thatchecksoutwithdamonandtedRecorded at Audiohive Podcasting, a studio dedicated to podcast recording, editing, and production!Mac is on the all new Aston Element Microphone!The host and sidekick are on the Aston Stealth!Hosted on Transistor.fmaudiohivepodcasting.comfacebook.com/audiohivepodcastinginstagram.com/audiohiveproductions
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