43 minutes | Apr 9th 2020

Episode 77: Currency of Content: Creators in Digital World post COVID19 | Interview with Mahbod Moghadam

In this episode we interview, Mahbod Moghadam Co-Founder of Genius and Everipedia. Mahbod discusses how he and his Co-Founder created Rap Genius to empower artist and content creators, rewarding them for their contributions to network and how this lead to the creation of Everpedia, w "Wiki" type platform leveraging crypto and blockchain to rewards content creators. Mahbood and Jonathan discuss the currency of content, how creators are the new form of information, how incumbent media and content platforms should reward their users, how COVID19 and staying home will dramatically impact how we all consume content and the mechanics behind payment and viewership, and how bitcoin has continued to remain strong while legacy currencies and stocks have had volatility. 

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