73 minutes | Sep 15, 2020

S02E04-North Dakota Opener

Welcome to the Tethrd Nation Podcast: Your #1 Saddle Hunting Resource. On this episode Greg, Carl, and Jared from Tethrd talk with Garrett Prahl (The DIY Sportsman), Troy Fowler (The Ranch Fairy), Shane Simpson, and Dylan Hazen (THP Intern). We’re all in North Dakota for the season opener hunting big giant velvet bucks. We talk Ranch Fairy’s #1 broadhead pick ISIS attacking North Dakota Shane’s Nebraska velvet buck Carl’s recurve buck Carl is the “Michael Jordan of Sewing” as well as the “Stevie Wonder of Videography” How to get started hunting public land Run Ins with Game Wardens Shooting Does out of state Samantha Prahl’s first deer Broadhead testing and a whole lot more.
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