75 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

Episode 32 - Brian Painting - "The Attendant Lord "

My guest on this episode of Music Talks is one of my very favourite conversationalists, Brian Painting . 

Brian is never short of a story to tell , an observation to make or an insight to give. A talented writer and a fellow Podcaster he is also a passionate music lover with varied and wide ranging tastes. In our chat we cover a raft of artists from all areas of the musical palette but one band we do not touch on is the Raconteurs, which is a shame because that is what Brian will always be to me , a great talented and incredibly amusing Raconteur. 

This episode has a wealth of stories, lots of insights, great music and even more laughs. But Brian also talks openly and bravely about some of the challenges he has faced in his life including bullying at school and, in more recent times, his battle with depression. 

I have always believed that the greatest rock music combines joy and sorrow and this episode has both. Enjoy :-) 

We managed to reference 71 songs and artists during our chat and you can find a song from each of them here . Just cut and paste into your browser