87 minutes | May 12, 2019

Terminus Podcast -- Episode 30 – Don’t Kill the Vibe, Graham: Series 11 Overview

First off, quick production note: For whatever reason, I kept calling Malorie Blackman “Marjorie Blackman” in my review. And I have no idea why. I might’ve just been nervous from not having recorded in so long. Or I might’ve been struggling with having less notes in front of me than I usually do. I’m not sure. Either way, I deeply apologize for getting her name wrong. How embarrassing! Anyway, aside from all that, this is honestly a difficult episode for me to publish. As I stated in my ‘State of the Podcast’ blog post, I try my very best to keep things on my show (mostly) positive and try to look for the best in the show. But, at the end of the day, I also have to be honest about my reactions and so, after a lot of soul searching, I made this episode chatting about my feelings in regards to Series 11. And, yes, many of those feelings are negative. So, if that’s something you’re avoiding, being that my intention is to not kill people’s squee, this might possibly be an episode to skip. I do hope you give it a listen, though. I did my best to frame my criticisms as fairly as I could and also tried my best not to devolve into just mindless ranting. Also, on a positive note, I discuss what is on the horizon for my show, with a series where I’m going to be rejuvenating the podcast by indulging in far more positive chats about my favorite show. Anyway, again, I hope you will all join me as I talk about through some pretty hard feelings from this past season of Doctor Who -- along with some bonus Happy Fandom Time squee in there, to temper any angst, of course! Glad to have you all aboard and do enjoy the ride (it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy one)! Episode 30 – Don’t Kill the Vibe, Graham: Series 11 Overview   Table of Contents: 0:00:00 - Opening and Welcome 0:05:38 - Happy Fandom Time 0:13:00 - Discussion of Series 11 (Overall Thoughts & Episode Breakdowns) 1:19:33 - Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro!   Links: + Email:terminusdwpodcast@gmail.com + Terminus Ko-Fi Page + Terminus on Stitcher + Terminus on iTunes + Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/terminusdwpodcast/ (the social group) or Like Us at: https://www.facebook.com/TerminusDWPodcast + Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerminusCast + Tumblr: http://terminusdwpodcast.tumblr.com + Terminus Amazon Online Store + Music Theme:  'Violin Doctor Who Theme' by ViolinistBAKA (on YouTube) + Earth Station One Network     Fun Links Related to the Show:   + Recent Podcast Guest Spots with Me (click the episode titles for links): * Discussing Who Podcast: Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Girl in the Fireplace, Smith & Jones, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Blink, and Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords * Watch-a-thon of Rassilon Podcast: Image of the Fendahl & the Stones of Blood * Earth Station Who Podcast: The Witchfinders * David Tennant Does a Podcast With… on iTunes, on Spotify, and on Acast   + Things to Read or Listen To: * Tai Gooden’s review of ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ * “Women in Refrigerators” Trope * “Doctor Who: The Ripple Effect” E-book by Malorie Blackman * Woke Doctor Who Podcast Episode about “Rosa” * Time and Relative Blackness in Space (TARBIS) Podcast Episode about “Rosa” * “For Black Doctor Who fans, the TARDIS is a legendary, loaded image…” by Constance Gibbs * El Sandifer’s review of  “Rosa” (Plus her podcast episode review) * “The Day India Burned”: The Partition Documentary on YouTube * Vinay Patel's book recs for Partition on Twitter * “Disability Superpower” Trope * Caroline Seide’s “AV Club” review of “Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” * El Sandifer’s review of  “Resolution”    + Some Classic Serials I Mentioned: * “Day of the Daleks” * “The Robots of Death” * “The Pirate Planet” * “Mark of the Rani” * “The Airzone Solution” (Not a proper serial, but still!)   + Random References: * Wholanta * “The Doctor Is Gonna Bust a Cap in Yo Ass” fanvid * Childfree BINGO card * Broadchurch Series 3 * Witchfinder General * Sapphire & Steel   + + + + WANT TO BUY ME A DRINK? OR DROP ME A TIP? CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW! + + + +   Notes: Opening audio clips from the Fifth Doctor serial 'Terminus' and the Tenth Doctor serial 'The Shakespeare Code', copyright BBC. The female robot voice was from '2nd Speech Center' text-to-voice software. 'Doctor Who' theme was by ViolinistBAKA, link provided above.
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