43 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

Russell Maines: The Notorious Harris Family Murders

Former journalist Russell Maines takes us back to Upstate New York in 1989 when someone brutalized and murdered a mother, father and two children, and then set their home on fire just days before Christmas. An innocent person might have been sent to prison while the killer might have gotten away with murder.   Written, researched, and hosted by Kate Winkler Dawson/producer Alexis Amorosi/sound designer Andrew Eapen/composer Curtis Heath/web designer Ilsa Brink/additional research Ella Middleton  Subscribe to my newsletter: tenfoldmorewicked.com  Buy my books: katewinklerdawson.com  If you have suggestions for historical crimes that could use some attention, email me: info@tenfoldmorewicked.com  Follow me on social: @tenfoldmore (Twitter) / @tenfoldmorewicked (Facebook and Instagram)  2021 All Rights Reserved  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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