41 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

Murder in the Court: Street Angel, Home Devil

A jury finds Howard Pierson incapable of standing trial because he is insane. He’ll be sent to a mental health facility, not a prison. But there’s a caveat: if Howard is ever determined to be sane, he can be tried for killing his parents. We also find out more about Will Pierson…he’s not the kind person he appears to be. Howard is soon on the run. Written, researched, and hosted by Kate Winkler Dawson/producers Jason Wehling and Laura Sobel/sound designer Eric Friend/composer Curtis Heath/web designer Ilsa Brink Subscribe to my newsletter: tenfoldmorewicked.com Buy my books: katewinklerdawson.com If you have suggestions for historical crimes that could use some attention, email me: info@tenfoldmorewicked.com Follow me on social: @tenfoldmore (Twitter) / @tenfoldmorewicked (Facebook and Instagram) See my sources here: tenfoldmorewicked.com  2021 All Rights Reserved See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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