36 minutes | Aug 30, 2020

Paula Jenkins on Choosing Joy

This week, I'm so excited to welcome one of my dear friends (and the producer of Tending Your Life), Paula Jenkins of Jump Start Your Joy.

Paula Jenkins is a podcast producer, certified life coach, and host of the popular podcast, Jump Start Your Joy.  Her mission is to bring more joy into the world through coaching, podcasting, and helping others create podcasts to share their voice. Jump Start Your Joy launched in 2015, and has been on iTunes New & Noteworthy and What’s Hot.

After receiving her Master’s degree in Religion from Yale University, Paula was a project manager for 20 years in the digital marketing space.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Sean the Chef, their 9 year old son, and their friendly rescue chihuahua-mix named Chewbacca Baloney Jenkins (who goes by Chewie).

In this episode, we talk about choosing joy, even when it feels hard; the value of playing small; and how to demand more than just "bed in a bag" joy for yourself—especially during the pandemic.

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