34 minutes | Mar 26, 2021

Digital Boundaries for People-Pleasers and Overachievers

Recently, I've been thinking about boundaries. I mean, I'm always thinking about boundaries. But specifically, I've been thinking about the way that we create and honor our boundaries in our online and digital spaces. It occurs to me that while we all know intellectually that we need good boundaries for ourselves, they can be hard to create and even harder to maintain. And in the online world, this is doubly true. For two reasons: First of all, it's endless. The emails keep coming, and the algorithms of social media are designed to keep us glued to the app as long as possible. And second, we are taught that we should aim to always be available, share as vulnerably as possible, and give it all away for free. In this episode, I get nitty-gritty about how I decide what to share, what I definitely don't share, and how I honor my boundaries and protect my privacy online. Sign up for the free workshop: How to Be Inconvenient! Links and resources for this episode Electronic Frontier Foundation Subscribe & Rate the Show iTunes Stitcher Spotify
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