68 minutes | Mar 13th 2020

How to Handle Coronavirus Anxiety | Special Edition

We're all being inundated with unsettling news about the new coronavirus, but there isn't a lot of information out there about how to stay sane, balanced, and calm in the midst of this pandemic. So that's what this special episode is all about. We've brought in two highly qualified experts: Dr. Luana Marques, an anxiety specialist from Harvard, and Jay Michaelson, a meditation teacher (who also happens to be a lawyer, journalist, and rabbi). We discuss practical tips for handling the fear, uncertainty, and denial that is arising for so many of us right now. Dr. Luana Marques' website: http://www.luanamarquesphd.com/ Jay Michaelson's website: https://www.jaymichaelson.net/ Email address for health care workers who want free access to the app: care@tenpercent.com Buzzfeed article: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/annehelenpetersen/coronavirus-prevention-what-to-do-how-to-help
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