69 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Future of the Left

You can't stop us now. Fresh from last week's Mclusky we take on Andrew Falkous' next band...The Future of the Left!!!We discuss under 18 gigs at Camden Crawl, seminal indie-albums, pitchfork reviews, eating cheeseburgers at a Butlins, oh and all of the albums from Future of the Left.Re-joining Nick and Ewan are Chris Whitby , punk squatter Cheri Amour, and Nick Taylor from the rather excellent My Teenage Band podcast.We look atCursesTravels with Myself and AnotherThe plot against common senseHow to stop your brain in an accidentThe peace and truce of Future of the LeftFind out more about Cheri's writing and broadcasting at http://cheriamour.co.uk/And check out My Teenage Band at My Teenage BandAs usual there's a playlist incorporating the podcast and selected songs https://sptfy.com/tffotlplIf you fancy supporting the show, either leave us a review somewhere (Apple Podcasts would be awesome) or ....drumroll.... JOIN OUR PATREON (and help keep the lights on, I don't like the dark) which is over hereRegardless of whether you can chip in, a 5 star review (if you feel like it) on Apple or Podchaser would help enormously. Or just tell your mates!!Jonathan is the genius behind our theme music and you can hear more of his stuff on his BandcampAdditional music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions All available under the following licenses:https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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