71 minutes | Jul 29, 2021

Bjork Part 0: The SugarCubes and Gling-Glo

I Said "OUCH!, That really hurt!"We are back with the beginning of a three-parter looking at the work of Iceland's biggest export, Björk. But before we move through her "proper" solo career we dive through her origin story. We briefly talk about her debut as an 11 year old prodigy, the three albums of Post-Punk Indie-Pop The Sugarcubes, and take a look at her oft-ignored album of Jazz classics Joining Nick and Ewan this episode are co-host of the excellent Dancing About Architecture podcast, lecturer, and electronic banger music machine Liam Moloney, as well as host of the Phillip Larkin pod Tiny in all that Air, Lyn LockwoodIn this episode we discuss these records:Björk (1977)Life's Too Good - The SugarCubes (1988)Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! - The SugarCubes (1989)Stick Around For Joy (1992)Gling-Glo (1990)NOTE: This was originally intended to be released much earlier in the season so we may reference that, Yes we are still amateurs!!Also Ewan's mic plays up a bit in the latter half, I think I've fixed it up as best as i can!As usual there's a Spotify playlist incorporating the podcast and selected songs which you can find at https://sptfy.com/tfb1scThe Guests: Our guide for the records was Liam Moloney (@liamtmaloney), who has the rather excellent Dancing about Architecture pocast which you can find at https://beat.rehab/daacast And he has a bandcamp full of Electronic magic over at https://liamthomasmaloney.bandcamp.com/Lyn hosts the rather splendid Tiny in All That Air pod (@tiny_air) which looks at the life and work of Phillip Larkin and that can be found at https://anchor.fm/tinyinallthatairIf you fancy supporting the show, either leave us a review somewhere on Apple or Podchaser which would help enormously. Or just tell your friends!!There is a Patreon as well https://www.patreon.com/tempfansJonathan is the genius behind our theme music and you can hear more of his stuff on his BandcampAdditional music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions All available under the following licenses:https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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