29 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

Two and a Half Poker Coaches

Andrew is looking to get better at poker and is enlisting the help of not one, not two but two and a half poker coaches to help him on master live and online poker play.Back from Michigan to play the PokerStars MICOOP, he is setting out to play live poker today and hopefully record a poker vlog.Busi shares her thoughts on Caroline Dweck’s book Mindset with Andrew. They discuss the merits of having a growth mindset and drawbacks of a fixed mindset with examples in their past and present. The best part of the show is always the listener feedback. Make sure you stay until the end. Text us or leave us a voice message: 702 690 9299 Email us: hello@tellspodcast.com Shop Favorable Merch Busi’s Instagram: @busisiweb Andrew’s Instagram: @yayandrew Music By DJ Quads The post Two and a Half Poker Coaches appeared first on Tells Podcast.
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