76 minutes | Sep 7th 2015

TYF! #6.9 "The Jerzy Steinfield Show" with TOM LEOPOLD

This week, legendary comedy writer TOM LEOPOLD stops into ShowBriz Studios to talk about his career in comedy; from his start as a young actor who happened to write articles for The National Lampoon (with Christopher Guest), to his sketch comedy days with the future stars of Spinal Tap, the last days of Cheers, and a couple of true stories that ended up inspiring classic Seinfeld episodes. Also, our host Liam McEneaney regales us with the story of how he made Tim Robbins very uncomfortable at a show once. Plus, in the bonus episode, we answer questions submitted by our listeners. To get this, and past, bonus episodes, you merely have to subscribe to the TYF! podcast to the tune of a mere $5.00 a month right here: www.tyf15.com HOST: Liam McEneaney PRODUCER: Alex Brizel EDITOR: Jim Lee Wirt  
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