57 minutes | Aug 24th 2015

TYF! #6.7 "Crash Test" with PAUL SCHEER

This week on the TYF! podcast, Liam McEneaney welcomes his old friend Paul Scheer to ShowBriz Studios. Paul is the star of FX' hit show The League, as well as ABC's Fresh Off The Boat and Hulu's The Hotwives. Paul and his buddy Rob Huebel have been hosting a live show called Crash Test in Los Angeles, which they've turned into a special for Vimeo, and which features their friends like Aziz Ansari, Rob Corddry, Aubrey Plaza, and Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt. You can order it here for a mere $3.99. Liam and Paul talk about the old days at the original UCB Theatre, about putting together a comedy special that takes place almost entirely on a bus, calling vs. texting vs. emailing, and Odd Future's actual physical carnival in Los Angeles. PLUS in the bonus content, Liam and Paul (who is also the host of a bad movie podcast called How Did This Get Made?) talk bad movies and how people like Eddie Murphy shine in terrible movies. You can get the PREMIUM CONTENT by supporting the TYF! podcast on Patreon.
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