66 minutes | Nov 7, 2020

The Sound Man – Book Video of James Schleich, Read By Pastor Deborah

Listen to the story and testimony of James Schleich and how he as a child of 12 years old in 1995 was changed by a touch of God and by hearing that God Had A Plan for his life. Learn how James discovered his gifts and talents and how the men of the church helped James to improve his skills and talents in sound engineering and TV. Learn how James Developed his leadership skills and grew into a wonderful man who now is married and has his own family. At the time James wrote this book he was now 19 years old and still working in the Church, Brownsville Assembly of God. The Revival Services can be seen in the Section on the web site called Songs of The Heart Web site of Agape Love, Love Is Here can be found at https://www.agapeloveishere.org The ministry's Youtube channel is The Hidden Kingdoms James can be contact through Pastor Deborah's email of pastordeborah@agapeloveishere.org All Scripture Verses are taken from the King James Bible 1.Jeremiah 1: 5 2. Mark 10: 14 - 16 3. Matthew 18: 3 4. Matthew 6: 33 Cover Design by James Schleich himself Proof Reading by Grace Dove Love James Schleich and the Voice of His mother, Pastor Deborah
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