20 minutes | Mar 18, 2021

Ep 16 – #SaveMWC

It’s true. TelcoDR has swooped in to take over Ericsson’s forfeited Mobile World Congress space in Barcelona. That’s right, I’ve signed on to fill 6,000 square meters (65,000 square feet for you Americans) on the exhibit floor at GSMA’s MWC 2021. I can’t wait to bring the public cloud centerstage at this event! And I’m even more excited to host innovative disruptors in my space – telco software vendors that have gone ALL IN on the public cloud.  In this episode, I sit down with my good friend David Haselwood to talk about why I gave everything I had to make this opportunity happen and what it means for the telco industry. We talk about:  The question everyone wants to know – HOW did this happen? [3:14];How it changes the conversation from the Has Beens to the Cloud Disruptors [6:11]; andWhat we’re going to do with all this space [9:06].  And hey, if you know anyone at Ericsson, could you ask them if I can take over their hotel room blocks? Listen to our conversation by clicking play above or subscribe through your favorite podcast feed. Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.”Listen on your favorite podcast platform – see the links above under the audio player.You can find the transcript for this episode here. Links and Resources Read GSMA’s announcement about TelcoDR as a major MWC21 sponsor and check out the headlines:Fierce Wireless Light ReadingLight Reading (Eurobites)Mobile EuropeMobile World LiveMobile World Live (Spanish)TelecomTV (Newswire)The Mobile NetworkWatch my DSP Leaders World Forum talkGet ready for MWC21:Learn more about safety plans for MWC21 in Barcelona Get the stats from The New York Times Global Coronavirus Vaccine TrackerRead more about the event on the MWC Barcelona websiteTelco execs, set up a meeting to learn how to tap the immense business value of the public cloud. Telco software vendors, if your solutions are built on the public cloud, we want to host your company in our Cloud City – for free! Contact me for details. Check out Rafael Nadal’s topspin forehand in slow motionTake a trip back to the 1980s with this video of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”, Duran Duran’s Planet Earth and Rio music videos and don’t forget to take in a little ZZ Top from my home state of Texas Follow DR Have an idea for a Telco in 20 podcast guest or topic? Send it in!Want to sponsor a podcast? Let us knowFollow Telco in 20 on Twitter @TelcoIn20Follow DR on Twitter @TelcoDR If you enjoy the podcast, would you leave us a short review on your podcast feed? It takes you seconds to do in your app and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. And I love reading your feedback and reviews! Podcast Credits Executive Producer and Host: Danielle Royston, TelcoDRExecutive Producer: Kristin Donelson, OneLouder MarketingSenior Producer: Lindsay GrubbEditor/Producer: Alisa Jenkins Wilson, Springboard MarketingAudio Editing: Andrew CondellMusic: Dyami Wilson More episodes from Telco in 20 Telco in 20: Episode 15 | Duration: 00:20:15Totogi: The new ant at the picnicRemember the David-and-Goliath business story of Siebel vs Salesforce? There’s a new public cloud startup in Telco that will change everything – webscale charging engine Totogi. Telco in 20: Episode 14 | Duration: 00:23:47The Software Series: PortaOneAndriy Zhylenko, CEO of PortaOne, talks about leading a pivot to the public cloud via Oracle Cloud. Telco in 20: Episode 13 | Duration: 00:21:32The Software Series: CSGJon Fagan, Senior Principal Cloud Architect at CSG, talks about what the billion-dollar company is doing with the public cloud.
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