12 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

Ep 10 – 2021 Forecast: cloudy with a chance of OpenRAN

We’re stepping away from our usual interview format to bring you a quick and breezy year-end look at 2020’s big headlines and 2021 trends to watch. If you’re like me, you’re ready to say ADIOS to 2020 and welcome bright-eyed 2021. We’re staring down a year that will demand bold action and innovation. Telcos are going to have to step up or go home when it comes to the public cloud. Who will be in the winner’s circle at the end of the year? Gutsy telco badasses [4:54];OpenRAN [7:50];And Elon friggin’ Musk – don’t miss the Telco in 20 Takeaway [9:19] to be dumbstruck by the list of what he accomplished in 2020;And check out my secret message to listeners at the end! Tune in now – it’ll be the best 12 minutes you spend this week to get you fired up for the NEW YEAR! Listen to our conversation by clicking play above or subscribe through your favorite podcast feed. Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.”Listen on your favorite podcast platform – see the links above under the audio player.You can find the transcript for this episode here. Links and Resources Read my blog on what happened in 2020 and my 2021 predictionsRead how I bitch slap IBM in the Fierce Telecom version of my 2021 predictions – a saucier version than the rest!Watch Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discuss the three principles that guide Microsoft’s approach to Azure for operators [1:35] and the strategy behind its acquisitions of Affirmed and Metaswitch [4:06]Check out my interview with Ray Le Maistre of TelecomTV and hear me talk about Azure for Operators’ bold move to target telcos and Deutsche Telekom’s work with AWS and AzureWatch Corey Quinn and me during re:Quinnvent on Twitch with my telco take on Amazon’s re:InventWatch the first mtv video ever played, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” by The BugglesWatch the SpaceX launch of astronauts to space, or the BFR Starship explosion after it hit 41k feet, or the successful belly flop maneuver they did with StarshipRead about Arpanet moving to TCP/IPPlay Ms. PacMan (hit enter to start, use your arrow keys to play – do you remember the patterns?) Follow DR Have an idea for a Telco in 20 podcast guest or topic? Send it in!Want to set up a meeting? Get in touchFollow Telco in 20 on Twitter @TelcoIn20Follow DR on Twitter @TelcoDR If you enjoy the podcast, would you leave us a short review on your podcast feed? It takes you seconds to do in your app and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. And I love reading your feedback and reviews! Podcast Credits Executive Producer and Host: Danielle Royston, TelcoDRExecutive Producer: Kristin Donelson, OneLouder MarketingSenior Producer: Lindsay GrubbEditor/Producer: Alisa Jenkins Wilson, Springboard MarketingAudio Editing: Andrew CondellMusic: Dyami Wilson More episodes from Telco in 20 Telco in 20: Episode 9 | Duration: 00:30:09Microsoft’s Big MoveMicrosoft wants to be THE hyperscaler for the telecom industry. Yousef Khalidi, corporate VP for Azure for Operators, shares exactly what Azure is up to and why telcos need to pay attention. Telco in 20: Episode 8 | Duration: 00:23:07The HR Series: Pair programming – the most powerful tool you’ve never usedThe HR Series, Part 2: What has two heads, two keyboards and two monitors and can help you squash the competition? It’s time to adopt pair programming. Telco in 20: Episode 7 | Duration: 00:22:28The HR Series: Telcos, get ready for workforce transformationThe HR Series, Part 1: If telecoms are going to survive the inevitable move to the public cloud, they need to start focusing on people – retraining, hiring, and yes, letting some workers go.
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