37 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Josh Linenberger, Acuity Brands on RTLS

Ever shop with your smartphone at Target, Macys, Walmart, Home Depot, or Best Buy? How do these monster merchants keep tabs on all the retail activities and consumer experiences happening both inside and outside of their stores?  What might it take to modify your workplace with similar real-time analytics on your known customers, colleagues, and essential equipment across every SF of your organization? How might this intel transform your line of business? In this episode, Zac and Debbie talk with Josh Linenberger, Vice President of Applied Solutions at Acuity Brands. He  shares some transformative insights around connected lighting and supercharging a facility’s essential light fixture system to deliver a scalable, low cost, dynamic,  internet-of-things (IoT) backbone.   Part two of our conversation with Josh will be available in March 2021.Atrius Acuity Brands Business Insider (March 2020) | Acuity Brands & TARGET YouTube (August 2020) | What can RTLS do for your hospital? 
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