53 minutes | Jun 16th 2020

COVID-19 Roundtable

Listen in as Tech Vitals's hosts Debbie Gregory and Zac Hillyard talk with three industry experts about their personal and professional experiences regarding lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. They share challenges, opportunities, and solutions their teams have experienced with the outbreak response efforts.Patrick Casey, AIA, Vice President - Facilities Operations and Planning, University of Miami Health SystemHiyam Nadel, Director, Center of Innovations in Care Delivery, Massachusetts General HospitalClay Seckman, PE, HFDP, Healthcare Market Sector Leader, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.Additional Resources:UM's Efforts for MD Anderson- https://emma-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/ow8ab/427081342cd4f8a5f2f7d0d6285bfde1/2020.04.03_UM_s_Efforts_for_MD_Anderson.pdfBack to Work Covid Mitigation Efforts- https://emma-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/ow8ab/bbeda8cbb16bbddb5b5d8c3821ef5fe9/2020.05.01_Back_to_Work_Covid_Mitigation_Efforts.pdfGuide for Re-opening Outpatient Care Centers- https://emma-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/ow8ab/5f08b9383ba37b14531265e79b6c7593/guide-for-re-opening-outpatient-care-centers-sop---05082020.pdf
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