75 minutes | Mar 5, 2016

techSlant #117 – Privacy! Privacy! Privacy! - techSlant

Donovan and Samuel are back to talk about AT&T and DirectTV’s plans to offer streaming television packages, those new fancy billboards could be following you and collecting data for marketing purposes, in the middle of the Apple versus FBI debacle, Amazon has decided to remove encryption from Fire OS (or have they?), a company has ripped off 3D printing designs (which are freely available to use for non-commercial purposes) and started selling the end product on eBay and Steam will now cut you some slack if you buy a bundle of which you already own a part of it.  Yay! Donovan told the story of his second Internet provider, Mediacom, and how the drop-bury contractors cut the main cable feed while burying the cable drop to his house.  All services buried in the yard were marked, with the exception of the Mediacom service itself.  Whoops. During the show, Sam brought up a hoodie on Teespring that he’d love to have. During the discussion about 3D printing, the Producer shared this little nugget – One Man Is 3D Printing Models of Every Creature In D&D’s Monster Manual AT&T and DirecTV to launch streaming TV service later this year See That Billboard? It May See You, Too Amazon removes encryption support in latest Fire OS update 3D Printing Company Scrapes Thingiverse And Begins Selling “Free” Designs
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