80 minutes | Feb 27, 2016

techSlant #116 – Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring Apple Phone - techSlant

After a week off due to an Internet outage, Sam and Donovan are back to discuss the latest headlines in tech news.  First up, AT&T and Verizon are both testing 5G wireless service, the FCC moves to save consumers a ton of money when it comes to cable set-top boxes, a new study shows that women are better coders, an update for Windows 10 could possibly be resetting your file associations back to their Windows defaults, a hospital in California is held hostage by ransomware and the continuing saga of Apple, an iPhone and the federal government.   HEADLINES AT&T to run field trials of 5G wireless in Austin this year Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren May Have Just Saved Consumers $14 Billion Women write better code, study suggests Windows 10 forced update KB 3135173 changes browser and other defaults Hackers hold Hollywood hospital’s systems for ransom   FEATURED STORY Tim Cook says Apple will fight US gov’t over court-ordered iPhone backdoor
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