33 minutes | May 18, 2021

Zero Trust: An impossible goal?

“Trust no one,” sounds like the tagline for a paranoid spy thriller, but when it comes to protecting your company, cybersecurity experts say it might just be sound advice.“Zero trust” is a security concept from the nineties having a renaissance today, as companies try to deal with bolder and more sophisticated cyberattacks. Since threats can now come from anywhere, say zero trust proponents, the suspicion that’s normally reserved for strange attachments and fishy emails must now extend to all parts of your business. Remote employee logins, external software updates, even hardware from reputable dealers—everything is under scrutiny. But how deep does the rabbit hole go? How can a regular business implement zero-trust architecture? And most importantly, will your CEO be locked out of their email?In this episode, host Michael Bird speaks with Josephine Wolff, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Policy at Tufts University about the broad-reaching SolarWinds security breach, which has shown the need for zero trust strategies. We learn about how the changing workforce affects the evolving world of enterprise security from Simon Wilson, Chief Technology Officer of Aruba Networks in the UK & Ireland. In addition, HPE Chief Technologist Chris Dando stops by to scare us to bits about all the potential compromises in our supply chain.The long show notes for this episode can be found here: https://community.hpe.com/t5/HPE-Blog-UK-Ireland/Zero-Trust-An-impossible-goal/ba-p/7134167#.YKNXp6hueUk
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