31 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

Supercomputing: An exascale-sized challenge?

Supercomputers are big, they're noisy, and they use more energy than a small town. They don't look like much from the outside, but the inside tells a different story! Supercomputers are helping us solve some of the world's biggest problems, and they could be coming soon to a desktop near you...Today, host Michael Bird goes down the rabbit hole of high-performance computing. We talk parallel processing, exascale and the democratisation of HPC with Bill Mannel, HPE. Andrew Emerson PhD from Cineca tells us about how supercomputers led the charge to find therapeutic drugs against the coronavirus. Plus, AI and HPC Research Scientist Jacob Balma explains how the combination of machine learning and HPC is pushing boundaries that could change science, medicine and society for good.The long show notes for this episode can be found here: https://community.hpe.com/t5/HPE-Blog-UK-Ireland/Supercomputing-An-exascale-sized-challenge/ba-p/7126376
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