47 minutes | Dec 21, 2020

90. Karlee Fain: Why Mindfulness is Our Most Effective Professional Tool

When it comes to setting our own boundaries, the thought can sometimes be a little daunting. Joining me today is Celebrity Business and Boundary Coach and Founder of The Boundary Academy, Karlee Fain, who is here to share her personal expertise on this topic, as well as discuss why mindfulness is such a valuable tool in both our personal and professional lives.In this episode, I ask Karlee a few pressing questions on how she made her start within the personal development industry, why becoming aware of our technological habits can help us to set clear boundaries, and the effect that the Coronavirus has had on our productivity levels. To hear more, tune in to Episode 90 of Technology for Mindfulness!Some Questions I Ask:What motivated you to pursue the field of life coaching? (6:47)What advice can you give to those who may not have as much time to dedicate to changing their nightly routines? (10:18)What issues do your coaching clients generally encounter? (14:11)How do you help individuals who don’t have a regular mindfulness practice start to notice their behaviors? (17:06)How do you help those who are completely new to mindfulness and personal development? (21:38)What could your techniques look like to someone who may not have as much leniency with their work breaks? (26:49)In This Episode You Will Learn:Why I believe in setting boundaries on your technology use (0:57)Why setting a ‘conscious plan’ in regards to your technology is a form of self-care (2:22)How pausing and staying present helped me to manage my news intake (12:00)How mindfulness, meditation, and respite can be leveraged as a business tool (18:47)The difference that having a cultural, social, and communal awareness can make (31:43)Some background on Karlee’s work & How the pandemic has made boundary setting so much more challenging (39:12)Connect With Robert Plotkin:Technology For Mindfulness WebsiteBlueshift IP WebsiteLinkedInConnect With Karlee Fain:Facebook Instagram Website See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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