50 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

89. Dr. Seku Gathers - The Flow State: Flowing to Heal Trauma

Trauma is a sensitive subject. Today, I’m joined by Life Coach, sought-after entrepreneur and Host of The Truth Prescription Podcast, Dr. Seku Gathers, who specializes in trauma coaching and recovery through one to one client work. By intertwining his knowledge as a former emergency physician with his extensive personal development expertise, Dr. Seku has created a practice built on seven core principles, otherwise known as the ‘F.R.E.E.D.O.M’ Method. In this episode, we discuss Dr. Seku’s philosophies on mindfulness, feeling ‘stuck’, and how the Coronavirus has impacted his clients. We also break down each of the main principles that make up Dr. Seku’s ‘F.R.E.E.D.O.M’ Method, Tune in to Episode 89 of Technology for Mindfulness to hear more! Some Questions I Ask:What are the most common things you see in your clients in regards to trauma? (9:43)How do you help people make the initial leap out of feeling ‘stuck?’ (17:14)Do you have any insights or words of encouragement for people on how to handle the current pandemic? (31:31)What are you seeing in your Coaching practice in relation to COVID-19? (33:23)How do you incorporate holistic wellness into your sessions? (40:27)What piece of advice can you leave my listeners with today? (45:00)In This Episode You Will Learn:A breakdown of my personal ‘order method’ & How it compliments Dr. Seku’s ‘freedom method’ (1:03)Some background on Dr. Seku Gathers (7:43)Dr. Seku’s perspective on optimism and maintaining a positive outlook (12:01)The difference between therapy and life coaching (14:28)How Dr. Seku builds strong client relationships & Why we need to stay objective when addressing our own ‘blind spots’ (22:48)Why detaching from our ego is so beneficial (28:04)Dr. Seku’s perspective on addiction and mindfulness (37:58)Connect With Robert Plotkin:Technology For Mindfulness WebsiteBlueshift IP WebsiteLinkedInConnect With Dr Seku. Gathers:Website: The Truth PrescriptionWebsite: Reshaping TraumaInstagram Facebook TwitterResources:Book: Total Body Wellness: The Truth About Your Health - Author, Dr. Sekuleo Gathers M.D. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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