43 minutes | May 4, 2020

76: Mitra Manesh - How to Integrate Storytelling into Mindfulness

In episode 76, Mitra Manesh joins us for a conversation around the powers of storytelling, binaural beats, and integrating them into mindfulness practices. Mitra is a mindfulness thought leader, storyteller, educator, and founder of Innermap. She has over 3 decades of experience helping people develop a more mindful mindset at home and at work. Throughout our conversation, Mitra shares about her product Innermap and how it offers support for living a mindful life. She also offers advice on staying present, how to interact with both the past and future, and practices to help you and your loved ones feel heard every day. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How Innermap helps people develop mindfulness practices. (3:37)How telling stories help transfer wisdom. (6:16)How binaural beats condition your brain to lead you into a meditative state. (16:50)How disconnecting from the present moment can lead to learning, lamenting, or anxiety. (27:43)Practices to help you and your loved ones feel heard. (31:57)Connect with Mitra Manesh: InnermapLights On Podcast See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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