35 minutes | Mar 23rd 2020

73: Jeremy Edge - Breaking Video Game Addiction

In episode 73, Jeremy Edge joins us for a conversation about breaking video game addiction. Jeremy is the founder of Escaping the.Com, a counseling practice for those struggling with an internet addiction or problematic screen use. Jeremy helps his clients strengthen relationships, manage stress, stop problematic screen use, and improve tech life balance overall. 

Throughout our conversation, Jeremy explains what the spectrum of video game addiction looks like, and what signs to mindfully watch for. He also shares strategies for seeking support and how teenagers and families can help each other overcome screen misuse. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What motivated you to start working with people on video game addiction? (5:07)
  • What does a video game addiction look like? (6:56)
  • What are the consequences of video game addiction? (11:39)
  • How can people reach out for support? (16:44)
  • How can friends help one another in changing unhealthy gaming habits? (25:33)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • Robert’s tip on applying mindfulness to your technology use and misuse. (0:48)
  • How Jeremy overcame his personal video game addiction. (5:25)
  • What to do if you suspect you have a video game addiction. (10:26)
  • How Jeremy incorporates mindfulness into his practice. (15:32)
  • How parents need to address their own screen use. (22:46)


Escaping the .Com

Addictive Screen Use

Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous

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