37 minutes | Apr 14, 2020

Technology For Change: How Steve Built A Successful Business While Saving Lives Through The Veteran App.

Tekrevol's Co-Founder and CMO Abeer Raza  sits with Steve Jiminez and discuss the inspiration behind “the veteran app”, how entrepreneurs can translate an idea into an actionable business plan like Steve did, the role of technology in making that possible and the many struggles that an entrepreneur has to face throughout his journey and how to navigate through them successfully. Our Guest: A war veteran, Steve came back to his hometown and faced some of the harsh realities that the veteran community has to live through daily. Finding it hard to assimilate back into society, Steve felt a lack of purpose in his life. Then came the idea. Driven by the impact of #Mission 22, Steve decided to take matters into his own hands and fill the void that he felt, knowing well enough that veterans in the US and all over the world must be going through the same troubles. Lack of resources, lack of opportunities, and a lack of assimilation were the problems, and their solution? The Veteran App. The mission was simple: Having gone through many of the problems faced by veterans, Steve decided to dedicate his life to make sure that other veterans don’t have to go through the same hardships, and if his work can bring down the number of veterans who commit suicide every day from 22 to even 21, that’s a victory.
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