59 minutes | May 13, 2020

Technology For Change : How Businesses Are Using Technology To Evolve During Covid-19 and The Role of Tech In The Future of Entrepreneurship.

Ryan Shirzadi, Regional Partner of Tekrevol in Houston sits with Gene Deems. Gene is a co-founder of Medicine With A Mission, and the e-gov services manager at the department of natural resources in Maryland. The main discussion for the episode revolves around mapping how businesses are evolving to stay afloat during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, what other businesses can learn from these industry leaders, and the role of technology both today, and in the future of entrepreneurship. Our Guest: Gene is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, who believes that being rich is not what it takes to make it big.  As the co-founder of Medicine With The Mission, Gene has spearheaded many campaigns to raise funds, resulting in the largest single donation in healthcare for Grenada. He was also able to raise $907,000 in a 24-hour online event for #MakingADifference. He played a central role in the digital transformation of the department of natural resources, Maryland, helping the he department become the first government agency to have an e-newsletter, a website, and integrating Alexa skills to the latest fishing report for the department. For Gene, life is all about evolving with time, driving value, and creating meaningful change through entrepreneurship. And if he can do it, he believes you can do it too.
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